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Divorce DecreeIn Florida, a divorce is called a Dissolution of Marriage. Depending on your individual circumstances, many legal issues may be involved in obtaining the divorce. Unfortunately, over the years, Ms. Hankins has met with clients who did not expend the time, energy and money required to adequately address all of the issues in their divorce; and, as a result, unnecessary post-divorce disputes arose.

In sum, divorce proceedings will address the division of assets and debts of the parties. This includes each of the party's interests in any type of property. The divorce will decide parental responsibilities with regard to children and how the financial and other needs of the children will be met by both parties after the divorce proceedings. Spousal support issues will also be considered. There are some circumstances in which one party may be able to obtain legal fees from the other party as well.

When meeting with your attorney for the first time, it would be helpful for you to bring with you the following documents:
  1. Your last three (3) years federal income tax returns.
  2. Your last three (3) months paystubs and those of your spouse, if you have them.
  3. A brief summary list of all property you own, your spouse owns, and you own together, including retirement benefits and any business interests.
  4. If you have children, statements that show the cost of daycare or after-school care (including summer) and the cost of health insurance for the children, for you, and for your spouse.
  5. A list of any immediate concerns and questions you may have.
At the initial conference, we will review the information you provide and give you a general overview of the divorce process as it relates to your individual circumstances. We will also determine the initial retainer. The fee for the conference is $300.00 for one hour. We will answer any pressing questions you may have at that time. If additional time or information is needed to answer your questions, we will schedule a follow-up conference.

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